tirsdag 8. mars 2011

RICE Spring/Summer 2011

God morgen alle sammen!!

Se hvor mye fint vi har fått inn fra RICE da!! :)

Peace, Kiss and Glamourama!

"This spring collection is just one happy statement from one end to the other- a mix of rainbows, floral peace signs, love birds and a lot of kissing..."

"The glamourama twist is what we feel really makes it Rice. My friend and colleague Birgitte and I went to India together, to work on this collection and we had a great time.

One day driving through one of the more rough parts of Delhi we saw this big sign saying ‘Glamourama Salon for Ladies’ and instantly fell in love with that word – Glamourama!"

"We can all use a bit of glamourama in our everyday lives... and it really doesn't take much to glam up your home, your handbag, your kitchen or yourself if you feel like it.."

Tekst er hentet fra http://rice.dk/

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